What parents say

Anne-Sofie Thorsø Clausen

Our family love our food, especially when it comes to good, organic ingredients. That’s why the porridge from Woodland Wonders Organic has been our absolute favourite since day one, that is on the occasions when Mum hasn’t cooked homemade porridge.We love that you get so many good things in the same portion:fruit, nuts, vitamins, etc. It’s the best start to the day, and I think Dirch is so good with his food because we’ve had the very best since he first started on solids.

Tanja Skovbølling Nielsen

Our Magnus is ABSOLUTELY MAD about all your baby porridges. He has been from the first spoonful and he still loves them. As a mother, I like that you have so many flavours in every variety of porridge, and that you don’t just use the most ordinary ingredients. And the fact that it’s organic and produced with care gives me, as a mother, a huge sense of calm about what I put in my child’s mouth.

Line Hyldgaard Byrgesen

Our little boy has enjoyed tasting the different varieties. He loves most food, and loves a lot of variation. It’s been a good way to introduce him to new flavours. His little sister (who could make an appearance at any time) will get the same thing.

Kirsten Dall Jensen

My daughter simply won’t have any other porridge for breakfast than Woodland, and if she doesn’t finish it, Mum here can just eat the rest. We love Woodland – such a lovely consistency for starting a little one on porridge, and flavours so exciting that my daughter loves each and every one.

Benthe Ladekjær Sønderriis

Alma eats Woodland porridge every morning. She doesn’t tolerate milk and it’s great to have some good, tasty products without milk.

Lea Hvenegaard Kruse

The porridge is super delicious, and I’m really pleased with the combinations of different tastes. It’s really quick for the days when you can’t make porridge yourself.

Unfortunately, I often have to do without because of the packaging. It’s so great and well thought out, but when you think about the packet prices they’re an expensive purchase, but we can’t eat the packet.

Anne Louise Schacht Revenfeld

I‘ve been giving your porridges to my daughter since she was about 6 months old, and she’s eaten every little bit of every single portion. I think it’s great that a brand has products adapted to several age groups and that, at the same time, the taste and quality are the very best. I’m pleased that I’m able to choose something that I also think tastes good and that I can vouch for on every point. And the fact that it’s easy to have on the move as well is a really big plus, as it means you can always serve a proper meal.

Louise Kirk Thomsen

We love it. We started giving Woodland to our older daughter right back when it was called Smiley Rainbow. I love that you can smell what’s in the porridge, and that it doesn’t just smell and taste like “glue”.

Marie Munch Burski

Absolutely amazing product. Both of my girls have had Woodland Wonders porridge and it’s clearly the best product on the market for parents who like to give their children food that’s healthy and made from pure ingredients, and in a variety of flavours to give baby a varied experience. It’s lovely that someone’s making “serious” food for babies.

Karina Holm Sterndorff Truelsen

My son loves almost all of the varieties. He’s been getting them since starting on solids at 6 months of age. He’s now 15 months and still loves the red and blue in particular for breakfast. I think it’s nice to give my son a good start to the day with delicious and healthy ingredients.

Mette Gunthel Nielsen

I love that your porridges are so full of flavour as it challenges my son a little more. And I also love that they’re a little coarser in consistency than most other porridge as it makes it a little easier to get him used to “ordinary” food.

Trine Dahl Baunsgaard Armen

Well, the Woodland Wonders porridge is a total hit with us. Even our five-year-old daughter asks every now and then if she can have the porridge in the blue pouch (the one with banana, coconut and cocoa) with some fresh raspberries on top. Don’t know if my kitchen will ever be without it.

Christina Hejlskov

Vitus, who is just under 16 months, refuses to eat any porridge or purée, except yours! It will definitely be the choice for the next baby coming in February.

Marlene Lehmann

We’re also really pleased with Woodland Wonders and especially the one with forest fruits and vanilla – that’s a big hit!

Reshma Aasiyah Umar Ahmad

We’ve tried different things when going onto solids, and love that there are different ingredients in each variety that you don’t normally think of combining – they’re a hit with both our little boy and girl. The fact that they’re organic is the icing on the cake!

Helle Melgaard Gregersen

We’re very happy with Woodland Wonders, especially because of the different flavours which add some variation to breakfast porridge.

Trine Aagaard

My son loves your products. They are family favourites, with lots of varieties to choose from.

Lærke Mosgaard Hansen

Our family loves them!!!! We like that they’re a little courser in texture and that they’re organic!!

Rikke Skjøde Baes

Nohr loves his Wonders and they’re so easy to eat on the move.

Tania Bjerrum Trinkjær

My daughter loves it, so my son will definitely be introduced to it when he’s a couple of months older.

Dorthe Boye Larsen

Super delicious products that we love at home! The delicious flavour combinations will seriously spice up the transition to porridge.

Christina Arboe

My daughter loves your wonderful porridge. It’s really nice to have a product that’s packed with good ingredients and allows for different taste experiences.

Joan Vangsgaard

Good ingredients – and organic – with super taste and consistency.

Brith Sandgaard

Really delicious, healthy and varied. My beautiful daughter loves to chew away on your organic porridge, and I’ve been able to give her a pre-prepared porridge with a clear conscience. Thank you for such lovely products.

Katrine Hyllegaard

We really share your vision of creating healthy organic baby food. Personally, I think some of them could benefit from even more “consistency” – at the moment I add grain to give more structure. Children grow, develop the ability to swallow and develop teeth, but the enjoyment of porridge doesn’t go away, so it would be nice to develop products for children over 10 months.

Mia Barklund

We also love your products. My daughter has been getting your porridge for breakfast since she was introduced to food. She’s now 9 and a half months and it’s still a huge hit.


I just asked my daughter of 8 months, and she’s definitely a fan of the colours and drawings on the beautiful crackly bags, and the taste is pretty good too. Personally, I’m a big fan of the fact that they’re organic, and easy and quick to make when the little one wake wakes up at 5.00 am asking for breakfast.


We love them because they’re different, and we really appreciate that babies also want something delicious, and food that tastes of something.


Both my baby and I love them.

Sofie G. Seifos

We’ve just bought your porridge for the first time. I’m keen on the idea that my son will get to taste more than just apple and pear – and I also love that they’re organic.

Christina Arboe

My daughter is mad about your lovely porridge. It’s really great to be able to give her a porridge that’s organic and tasty, and your different varieties can give her different taste experiences. I also tried making pancakes for her with your porridge, and that was a huge hit.


Your products are so inspiring, at the same time as being super delicious, and brilliant to take with us on holiday.


We love your delicious porridge. It’s great that we don’t need to be inventive ourselves or take the time to mix the many lovely ingredients that you use.


My son of 6 months is MAD about your porridge, and has been since he was 4 months old.  For me, the porridge should be something I would also like, so naturally I have tasted it too and it tastes good. You can taste the ingredients that are “advertised” on the packet, and that means a lot.


We both love your porridge! My son, because the porridge is tasty and can be eaten with puréed fruit, and me, because it’s so easy to make and it’s always a hit with my son.

Jannie Ellingsgaard Rasmussen

It’s a huge hit with Lucas, and I recommend it to everyone I know… He likes all the flavours and will soon be on the 7m+ porridge…

Kamilla Bødker Fanø

My Mathilde has rejected all food – purées, porridge, etc. – except your delicious porridge. And yes, I’ve also tasted it and completely understand our little girl.


My baby eats every little bit. She loves your products!


Just like homemade

Woodland Wonders baby porridge is made with wholesome oats and yummy fruits – and nothing else! Our delicious organic and dairy-free are something that every parent can feel good about feeding their baby and toddler.