Our Weaning Wisdom

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Our Weaning Wisdom

Are you wondering what you should be feeding your baby when it’s time to introduce world of solids?

Weaning is arguably one of the most challenging stages as you are most likely faced with a situation of either information overload or endless options to decide on – from mashed to pureed and ground foods – and you’re wondering what is the best?

Babies are different with different needs
Frankly, when it comes making baby-related decisions, there is hardly a best choice as all babies are different and have different needs. However, there are certain things you should consider when it comes to choosing foods for your little one during the weaning stage.

Babies use their taste buds and mouths to discover and explore food as well as pretty much anything they can get their little hands on. It’s a crucial part of baby development.

Ensure nutrition

Some parents attest to fresh home-made foods for babies, but you should not feel bad if you cannot afford the time to prepare fresh meals from scratch.

Woodland Wonders baby cereals are as close to home-made as it gets. We have developed our organic baby cereals to be the perfect way to start introducing your baby to solid food. Mixing it up with your baby’s usual milk means it’ll taste reassuringly familiar and the creamy consistency makes it irresistibly tasty and perfect for tiny tummies.

Introduce texture

The best time to introduce different types of foods is during the weaning stage when the little one is curious to try everything you give him.

Excite him with foods of different textures. For example, you can transit from the creamy baby cereals to a slightly more textured cereal and eventually to soft pancakes, crackers and fruit balls. These variations of the Woodland Wonders cereals will also train him to be more adventurous and develop a willingness to try different foods. You can find our recipeshere

Include variety

Ensure that you baby gets his nutrition from a variety of foods in order to have a nutritionally well-balanced diet.

Too much of anything is not good as this often leads to an overload of particular vitamins or minerals and also, a deficit in others. Thus, it is important to have a range of foods that will support your child’s all-round development.

What to avoid?

One thing you don’t want to give your baby during the first 12 months is whole cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk doesn’t have enough iron, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids for your baby. Also, it contains too much protein, sodium, and potassium for your child’s body to absorb and can cause harm. Wait to introduce cow’s milk until your baby is 1 year old. You also don’t want to give your baby soy milk or homemade formula. These substitutes may not have the balance of nutrition baby needs right now.

Organic food wisdom

Choosing organic is choosing to live a healthy life. Organic foods are produced without the use of potentially harmful chemicals pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients or growth hormones for animal-derived products.

This is even more important when we consider infants. There are many natural foods that are known to be exceptionally nourishing where they can help boost your baby’s health and immunity.

At Woodland wonders, we have added Thiamin (Vitamin B1) to our baby cereals to support your baby’s development. Vitamin B1 is important for your baby, because it helps turning your baby’s food into energy.