Our Story

Welcome to Woodland Wonders. We are an organic baby & toddler food company based in Denmark, Scandinavia. We believe that introducing your baby to the real tastes and textures of food early in life sets them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Our commitment to providing parents with the best quality, safe and convenient products can be seen in everything we do.

Woodland Wonders was launched in 2014. We started with that simple philosophy and produced a range of yummy all natural and organic baby cereals. With new ideas being sprouted all the time, look out for more exciting products coming to this website.

My Mission

Hi! I’m Christina. I set up Woodland Wonders, because I am passionate about baby development and nutrition.

By chance, during a trip to London I 2009, I stumbled over Baby Sensory, an English award winning baby development programme. I figured I’d check it out. But a baby business? I had a background in law – not nursing or teaching. Could I really do that?

But after having experienced one of founder Lin Day’s classes, I got very enthusiastic and decided to go all in! Hence, I became master franchisee for Baby Sensory in Scandinavia and the Benelux and set up my own baby development classes in Copenhagen.

Working with Baby Sensory gave me the opportunity to learn about baby development and work closely with babies and their parents. This is also why you will find a lot of information and tips about baby development on the Woodland Wonders website.

Working with babies and nutrition I finally found my true calling at last and I can honestly say, I have never looked back to my lost career in law.

Baby Sensory gave me the unique opportunity to get close to mums and to hear their personal stories, how they manage with having children and being a full-time career woman at the same time.

Woodland Wonders is the result of many years of research, development and most importantly, motherhood. And I know that you and your baby will agree that my love of food and flavor comes through in every delicious bite.



Christina Hansen
Mom & Founder of Woodland Wonders

Why Woodland Wonders?

I live with my family in Jægersborg just North of Copenhagen, where the gently rolling hills and winding country lanes lead to a spectacular coastline and beautiful woodlands with rich wildlife. We live on the brink of the beautiful woodlands called Dyrehaven and our area is surrounded by beautiful trees and lush greenery.

I have chosen the name Woodland Wonders because the forest is where I draw my inspiration from, and it is where I find peace and quiet. To me, the forest represents a place of retreat and reflection. Escaping into the peace of the Dyrehaven woodlands is the perfect way to alleviate stress with landscapes boasting ancient beeches and oaks, stretches of pretty flowers and an abundance of wildlife awaiting you.

But finding peace and quiet is not the only thing I love about the woodlands.

I am also concerned about our climate.

Trees are great for the environment; they provide shade and do a very important job called photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that happens inside plants that help them create food as well as use up carbon dioxide and create oxygen which is very important for the environment.

Plants basically help to filter our air.

The ability of trees to soak up carbon dioxide has long made them a valuable weapon in the fight against rising temperatures.

The woodlands are truly wonderful!