Your baby’s development

Our Weaning Wisdom

Are you wondering what you should be feeding your baby when it’s time to introduce world of solids? Share Weaning is arguably one of the most challenging stages as you are most likely faced with a situation of either information [...]

Baby’s sense of sight

Woodland Wonders is designed to stimulate your baby’s sight and vision. At birth your baby’s vision is one of his least developed senses. The expressive and colorful illustrations stimulate your baby’s development and at the same time train the hand […]

Baby’s sense of smell

Woodland Wonders ingredients are carefully selected to stimulate your child’s sense of smell and contribute to healthy eating habits. Tip: Vary between the different types of porridge and allow the child to smell the food before the spoon comes into […]

Baby’s sense of taste

Woodland Wonders ingredients are carefully selected to stimulate and challenge your child’s taste buds. Tip: Try the different porridge varieties and be patient when introducing new flavours and textures, as it often takes some time for a baby to get […]

Baby’s sense of hearing

A baby’s hearing starts to develop while she’s still in the womb, so your child will be familiar with your voice when she’s born.  Read about 10 ways to stimulate your baby’s hearing. 1: Talk to your bump. Your baby’s […]

Baby’s sense of touch

Baby’s touch is the most developed of senses from birth and helps to shape that precious early bond between you and baby. Encouraging the sense of touch can also help baby reach key development milestones. 1. Skin-to-skin contact Hold baby […]