Woodland Wonders featured in ‘Baby Sussex’ book

Oh Baby! Denmark-based Woodland Wonders Organics featured in ‘Baby Sussex’ book celebrating the first anniversary of the birth and christening of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor – the son of the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex.

Woodland Wonders is proud to be an official partner of the commemorative book ‘Baby Sussex’ written by the Royal Correspondent Robert Jobson. This book, which will be launched on the 6th of July, is dedicated the Duke and Duchess’s first-born child Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Winsor. Baby Sussex tells the story of Harry and Meghan, their journey into parenthood and their first year of family life. The book also explores the couple’s decision to stand down from their traditional royal roles and to establish a new narrative for themselves and Archie; a transatlantic blend of royalty and Hollywood.

We at Woodland Wonders are proud to be featured in this momentous book as a brand fitting the ethos of Harry and Meghan and that of eating organic foods. From humble beginnings to the fully-fledged company we have become today, we’re still doing everything we can to put your little one’s health first.

Baby Sussex Woodland Wonders

Woodland Wonders is the first feature of ‘Baby Sussex AND CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 90. The piece is entitled ‘Grown-up food for babies,’ and features Woodland Wonders founder Christina Hansen detailing her company’s journey from the humble beginnings in Christina’s own basement and her mission to create high-quality organic meals that are a sensory experience for babies.

Baby Sussex marks the first anniversary of the birth and christening of Archie Mountbatten-Windsor – the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This high-quality, fully illustrated hardback book celebrates a major royal milestone and showcases some of the very best of Britain, Scandinavia, North America and the Commonwealth.

Much credit and thanks are due to best-selling, award-winning author Robert Jobson, the writer of Our Royal Baby. He has chronicled the Windsors for the past 30 years. Robert is the Royal Editor of the London Evening Standard, as well as the leading royal contributor for major TV networks in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Baby Sussex Woodland Wonders

“Over the years we’ve seen firsthand the wonderful challenges being a mum or dad can be and understand when it comes to food you need it to be stimulating, tasty, healthy and fun! Because when little tums are filled with tasty and nutritious food, that’s when the wonder starts. So, for us to be profiled as the first featured company in this gorgeous book is perfect!”

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Stimulates baby’s senses

Because our products are made from minimally processed ingredients, the cereals have a textured consistency, that stimulates your baby’s oral motor skills.